“Some call me Timmm…”

Last night The SB and I went to see John Cleese on his Alimony Tour at The CTICC. Though I might have been more excited, had I not been so sick these last few days, I totally enjoyed myself none the less.

We have had our tickets since April when I was first surprised by them, which is how The Boyfriend got upgraded to “Super”. Now that the whole thing is over it feels at once like we waited a lifetime and also didn’t wait at all for the day to finally arrive. I didn’t at all know what to expect from the show because I didn’t read up about it for the same reason I don’t read the back of a book or reviews of films I want to see. I want to just take everything in on a blank slate and review it for my own sake without any outside influence. It was more a collection of autobiographical anecdotes than a stand-up comedy. This didn’t disappoint me at all because it felt like he was having a personal, but still hilariously silly, chat with us all which is just what I was hoping for actually.

This was the view from our seats:

I have been a fan of  John Cleese since the first time I watched the dvd of Monty Python’s Holy Grail, that I borrowed from the library. (I love libraries) Now I can remember him as I saw him last night whenever I see him portraying my favorite characters:

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Tim the Enchanter, The Black Knight and French Guard in “Holy Grail”

Basil Fawly in “Fawlty Towers”

The Guv in “Spud”

Well hello…

I’m not going to say what this blog will be about because I dont have a set theme. I’m just going to make it up as I go along. Most often it will reflect a caricature of my thoughts. With Forward All Thoughts I mean to say that whatever I think about during the day and feel I cant always say out loud I will forward to this here blog thingy.So there are some reasons why I created this but I’m sure those will change and become more apparent as I go along. Some that I can think of now are:

  • Raving about lovely things I experience
  • Ranting about things that annoy me
  • Figuring things out while typing

Well duh, I guess that’s what all blogs are like right? This post has become redundant since it explains what is inherent to blogs and what blog readers already would’ve known.

What a mess this first one has turned out to be…

I’m going to post it anyway because this is my own space on the interwebs and I can do with it as I please!!! Hahahaha!!!