I have finally started my own herb garden!  This is something I have been wanting to do for a long, long time so I am very proud of myself for finally following through.

Stodels in Durbanville/Bellville (where does one end and the other begin?) have a wide range of young herb plants and seedlings along with very helpful information on each type. This made it easier for me to choose what to take seeing as I never really did much proper research other than browsing through the gardening books at work, hahaha. Rosemary was something I knew I would take from the beginning because of its fragrance and the taste it adds to food. The hardiness of rosemary I also guessed would be an easy thing for a gardening noob like myself to not kill. I ended up taking two. Origanum and Marjoram I took because I am more familiar with its flavors than that of sage or thyme. Their leaves are also quite soft and pretty which looks quite nice next to the needly rosemary. I also took one Mint plant and then grabbed a Celery plant at last-minute just for fun.

For pots I used an old rectangular one that I’ve had for a while. My mother and brother have been respectively using it to toss weeds and cigarette butts into so its storage on her stoep at least served some pupose. After cleaning it out I filled it with two bags of potting soil and planted the Rosemary, Origanum and Marjoram into it. On retrospect I figure I’ll have to add another bag of soil because the plants look like they’re in a bit too deep. The Mint and Celery I planted into glass containers that where my old tea and coffee dispensers. Once these last two have grown a bit I guess I’ll have to replant them into something a bit bigger but I reckon it’s ok for now.

I made nametags out of hard cardboard and an assortment of pencils I have collected. I taped the board to the pencils with normal sticky tape which also doubled as a seal for the board. The penciltips I also covered with tape as a temporary measure against the lead. Looking into getting silicone or something to use as a more proper sealant.

For now I am just winging it and Google-ing for info as I go along. Its more fun and surprising that way. If a had a rulebook I would be too stressed out that I’m doing something wrong the whole time.

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