“Some call me Timmm…”

Last night The SB and I went to see John Cleese on his Alimony Tour at The CTICC. Though I might have been more excited, had I not been so sick these last few days, I totally enjoyed myself none the less.

We have had our tickets since April when I was first surprised by them, which is how The Boyfriend got upgraded to “Super”. Now that the whole thing is over it feels at once like we waited a lifetime and also didn’t wait at all for the day to finally arrive. I didn’t at all know what to expect from the show because I didn’t read up about it for the same reason I don’t read the back of a book or reviews of films I want to see. I want to just take everything in on a blank slate and review it for my own sake without any outside influence. It was more a collection of autobiographical anecdotes than a stand-up comedy. This didn’t disappoint me at all because it felt like he was having a personal, but still hilariously silly, chat with us all which is just what I was hoping for actually.

This was the view from our seats:

I have been a fan of  John Cleese since the first time I watched the dvd of Monty Python’s Holy Grail, that I borrowed from the library. (I love libraries) Now I can remember him as I saw him last night whenever I see him portraying my favorite characters:

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Tim the Enchanter, The Black Knight and French Guard in “Holy Grail”

Basil Fawly in “Fawlty Towers”

The Guv in “Spud”


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