How my Christian childhood led to Atheism


You know how sometimes you remember something from your childhood, be it the lyrics to a song, an old movie or something that happened to you, and suddenly you understand it with new meaning? Sometimes you just understand things better, like when you couldn’t understand why your brother could walk around without a shirt but you couldn’t, even though your bodies looked the same (at the age that you thought it still did). But usually, for me anyway, I remember kinda screwed up things. Things that make me question the generation of Afrikaans Christian whites my generation was raised by.

Religious culture, the way I found it, is always black and white (no pun intended). You either did everything and believed everything in the way that your elders did or you were wrong. Simple as that.

My problem was that I was never a black and white person. I was skeptical from a very young age. Questioning my mother about everything. Starting with ones like, when did the soul get put into a baby? How did all the animals fit into the ark?

These questions were always met with the answers like, “God only knows these things and we should trust him” and “It is a sin to question the things of God”. I felt these answers to be unfair and infuriatingly insufficient. Later on in life, no matter how hard I tried to believe, I just couldn’t. None of it ever made sense to me.

That is why I’ve been asking myself, since others have asked me, why and when did I become an atheist. There is not one event or person that “turned” me. I do, however, have flashbacks of these instances where things just didn’t make sense to my child-brain, but that I understand better now (or that just make me go WTF, no wonder). I hope that these memories will change the way that I raise my children one day. Teach them to explore the answers to their questions and believe what they want.

I will post some of these as I remember them. Hopefully fellow atheists will relate and share their memories and thoughts on it as well.


Always give a fake telephone number

A couple of months ago I accompanied my boyfriend to our local golf driving range. He was going to practice a bit before going golfing at a bachelors a few days after. Even though I was just going to spectate I still had to sign in and provide contact details.

Now I receive this phone call. I do not answer because I do not recognize the number. I listen to the voice mail instead…

I can’t make out half of what the guy is saying. Only the telephone number, something about Tiger Woods and a really enthusiastic wish that I enjoy the rest of my day.

My first thought is that somebody must have rented a Tiger Woods PC/PlayStation game on my account and have not returned it.

I listen to it a second time to try make out more. Quickly open Google and type in the number he gives. Results appear for the local Golf Club and Driving Range.

I listen to the voice mail AGAIN, now understanding where he is calling from and remembering that I was there a while back. I realize that he is trying to sell me golfing classes and the last part about Tiger Woods is actually “you might be the next Tiger Woods”.

Sorry guy, but this body was not built for sport and sun.

Because I didn’t answer the call and diffuse this salesman, I will probably continue getting calls from him.

Note to self: Always give a fake telephone number when filling any sign-in and or promotional type forms.


I have finally started my own herb garden!  This is something I have been wanting to do for a long, long time so I am very proud of myself for finally following through.

Stodels in Durbanville/Bellville (where does one end and the other begin?) have a wide range of young herb plants and seedlings along with very helpful information on each type. This made it easier for me to choose what to take seeing as I never really did much proper research other than browsing through the gardening books at work, hahaha. Rosemary was something I knew I would take from the beginning because of its fragrance and the taste it adds to food. The hardiness of rosemary I also guessed would be an easy thing for a gardening noob like myself to not kill. I ended up taking two. Origanum and Marjoram I took because I am more familiar with its flavors than that of sage or thyme. Their leaves are also quite soft and pretty which looks quite nice next to the needly rosemary. I also took one Mint plant and then grabbed a Celery plant at last-minute just for fun.

For pots I used an old rectangular one that I’ve had for a while. My mother and brother have been respectively using it to toss weeds and cigarette butts into so its storage on her stoep at least served some pupose. After cleaning it out I filled it with two bags of potting soil and planted the Rosemary, Origanum and Marjoram into it. On retrospect I figure I’ll have to add another bag of soil because the plants look like they’re in a bit too deep. The Mint and Celery I planted into glass containers that where my old tea and coffee dispensers. Once these last two have grown a bit I guess I’ll have to replant them into something a bit bigger but I reckon it’s ok for now.

I made nametags out of hard cardboard and an assortment of pencils I have collected. I taped the board to the pencils with normal sticky tape which also doubled as a seal for the board. The penciltips I also covered with tape as a temporary measure against the lead. Looking into getting silicone or something to use as a more proper sealant.

For now I am just winging it and Google-ing for info as I go along. Its more fun and surprising that way. If a had a rulebook I would be too stressed out that I’m doing something wrong the whole time.

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“Some call me Timmm…”

Last night The SB and I went to see John Cleese on his Alimony Tour at The CTICC. Though I might have been more excited, had I not been so sick these last few days, I totally enjoyed myself none the less.

We have had our tickets since April when I was first surprised by them, which is how The Boyfriend got upgraded to “Super”. Now that the whole thing is over it feels at once like we waited a lifetime and also didn’t wait at all for the day to finally arrive. I didn’t at all know what to expect from the show because I didn’t read up about it for the same reason I don’t read the back of a book or reviews of films I want to see. I want to just take everything in on a blank slate and review it for my own sake without any outside influence. It was more a collection of autobiographical anecdotes than a stand-up comedy. This didn’t disappoint me at all because it felt like he was having a personal, but still hilariously silly, chat with us all which is just what I was hoping for actually.

This was the view from our seats:

I have been a fan of  John Cleese since the first time I watched the dvd of Monty Python’s Holy Grail, that I borrowed from the library. (I love libraries) Now I can remember him as I saw him last night whenever I see him portraying my favorite characters:

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Tim the Enchanter, The Black Knight and French Guard in “Holy Grail”

Basil Fawly in “Fawlty Towers”

The Guv in “Spud”

Cats don’t have owners, they have staff

I am awake on my day off way earlier than I would have preferred. The main reason for this is that our two new kittens, Maya and Inca, have learnt the best process to wake their human staff and also keep them awake:

  1. Cry and cry and cry by the bedroom door until the door opens
  2. If human gets back into bed, start jumping on selected body parts (open feet and full bladder are most effective)
  3. If kicked off bed, find a plaything like a plastic bag, pencil, ball of paper and make as much noise as your little paws can muster
  4. When human gets up to feed you, repeatedly run through legs while they are walking and, even though they are busy getting your food out, cry at them like they are not doing anything. Continue crying until food is actually in mouth.
  5. Once done eating, get back into bed with human for a nice cuddle, if you have any catfoody residue on your mouth or whiskers “accidentally” wipe this off on human’s open skin eg. arms, face or hair.
  6. Once human is done cursing and cleaning their skins, do something cute like giving baby squeaks and then staring at them innocently. They will accept this as an apology and reward the mornings behaviour with chin and tummy scratches.

So now I am wide awake while they are nicely cuddled in next to me, sleeping :/

*no animals, however infuriating, were harmed during the events recorded in this post.

Well hello…

I’m not going to say what this blog will be about because I dont have a set theme. I’m just going to make it up as I go along. Most often it will reflect a caricature of my thoughts. With Forward All Thoughts I mean to say that whatever I think about during the day and feel I cant always say out loud I will forward to this here blog thingy.So there are some reasons why I created this but I’m sure those will change and become more apparent as I go along. Some that I can think of now are:

  • Raving about lovely things I experience
  • Ranting about things that annoy me
  • Figuring things out while typing

Well duh, I guess that’s what all blogs are like right? This post has become redundant since it explains what is inherent to blogs and what blog readers already would’ve known.

What a mess this first one has turned out to be…

I’m going to post it anyway because this is my own space on the interwebs and I can do with it as I please!!! Hahahaha!!!